Inclusive Growth for Sustainable Development

Rapid economic growth

Rapid economic growth remains necessary for poverty reduction but such growth, in order to be sustainable, needs to be sufficiently inclusive through the participation of a wide spectrum of citizens across key productive sectors of the Liberian economy. The Sustainable Economic Transformation contributes to the creation of sustainable livelihoods and greater incomes for marginalized members of the Liberian society.

Creating Livelihoods

UNDP Sustainable Economic Transformation work in Liberia involves ensuring that growth benefits the marginalized and most vulnerable segments of society. It also supports the creation of meaningful jobs and livelihood opportunities across key productive sectors in the Liberian economy. Our interventions include: (a) strengthened evidence-based planning, monitoring and reporting (b) support to enhancing the formation of small and medium enterprises and (c) effective natural resource management.


Livelihood And Employment Creation Project
Support to Liberia COVID-19 Preparedness Response Plan


Contributing Family Workers

The World Bank reports that in 2017, women constituted 18.9 percent of contributing family workers.



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