Partners attending the brief ceremony included Ministries of Commerce and Agriculture and UNDP.

Delivered by UNDP Deputy Resident Representative for Operations Thabani Mabodoko

All protocols observed

On behalf of UNDP, let me acknowledge the Ministry of Commerce & Industry for its leadership in the existing partnership and collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) other development partners in supporting Liberia’s agriculture sector.

I am delighted to be with you today for the ceremony marking the formal handover of agriculture tools to the Ministry of Agriculture under the Livelihood & Employment Creation in Liberia Project

This outstanding view of brand-new agricultural machinery, motor bikes and seeds is a clear demonstration of the commitment of UNDP and its partners to sustainable agriculture development as a way of increasing food production and reducing poverty in Liberia.

These supplies, which we have the honour to officially hand over to the Ministry of Agriculture, consist of 26 power tillers, 571 bags of Nerica L-19 Rice Seeds and 15 motorbikes to support the agriculture sector, including farmers and extension services.

In the next two weeks we are looking forward to the delivery of the second consignment of materials consisting of 12pcs of solar freezers, 2 solar dryers and 3 large energy efficient ovens facility with the combined value of approximately US$330,000

 I am pleased to see that since the start of project in mid-2021 under the care of the Ministry of Commerce & Industry and with the strong support of the Ministry of Agriculture, the project has achieved satisfying results so far,

This includes support to vulnerable populations, more than 400 farmers, financial grants and training for more than 50 business start-ups and local agri-business etc.

UNDP recognizes the importance of the agriculture sector for improving livelihoods and reducing poverty in Liberia.

We strongly believe that the transition from poverty to self-reliance will require holistic support through sustainable, diversified, and inclusive economic growth underpinned by investments in key sectors, including agriculture, that directly benefit most of the populations.

I want to conclude by emphasizing the commitment of UNDP to inclusive growth and sustainable development  in Liberia and call on partners to work together by pooling our resources, knowledge and expertise, in a way that we are able to  make significant contribution to reducing poverty and inequality.


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