The pilot programme is strategic to the work on climate resilience.

Under its Energy and Environment Programme, UNDP Liberia is currently piloting a response to flooding in the SKD Sports Stadium and King Gray Communities.

The intervention started with a two- day training of over 20 community leaders on July 16-17 on how to implement community eco-based adaptation (CBA) activities to protect flood plains and mangroves among others.

The objective is to build the resilience of the two Communities against impacts of climate change and to improve domestic waste and plastic management.

Flooding in many parts of Monrovia and its suburbs has become a major concern for city authorities and is projected to get worst as the country experiences changes in the climate over the next few years.

Currently, many hard-hit communities do not have the capacity to effectively handle the issue of flood, which is exacerbated by sand mining, building in waterways and the misuse of drainages by community inhabitants.

The SKD Sport Stadium and the King Gray Communities are among some of the hardest hit communities.

Following the training, community members will conduct a clean-up of the different drainages in their communities.

The intervention will pilot the Community Based Adaptation tools developed by the National Adaptation Plans (NAPs) project last year.

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