UNDP Liberia Resident Representative (Right) in conversation with Grand Bassa County Service Center Coordinator Max Willis (Left).

The Coordinator of the Grand Bassa County Service Center (CSC) has recognized the contribution of UNDP Liberia in the establishment and support to the facility.

On average, over 200,000 Liberians are now getting services from County service centres established across the 15 counties  with  donor support.

During a visit at the CSC Buchanan facility by UNDP Liberia Resident Representative Stephen Rodriques, Mr. Mac Willis reported that at least 40 persons visit the center each day to access services such as wedding certificates, national identification cards, business registration, building permits, vehicle registration, birth certificates etc.

He applauded UNDP for the provision of solar power to the facility through its project called Citizens’ Feedback Mechanism, which has improved working conditions of the staff and the delivery of services at the center.

While on a tour of the center by Rodriques, various government staff briefed him about the services provided as well as identified areas for additional support from government and its partners.

The Staff thanked UNDP for its support and recognized the need for additional support to enhance the operations of the center.

Key issues discussed included the need to optimize some of the services provided at the center, including the issuance of drivers’ license and business registration.

The staff also stressed the need for revenue sharing between national government and the CSCs across the Country, which they said is critical for its long-term sustainability and efficiency.

The County Service Centers were established through the Liberia Decentralization Support Program( LDSP) managed by the UUNDP in Liberia with a grant from the European Union.  Other donors included Sweden, USAID, UNMIL etc.

Buchannan, Grand Bassa County was the first established in 2015. It has brought relief to the population by reducing the difficulty faced by rural dwellers in accessing important services provided by various government Ministries, Agencies and Commissions (MACs).  

Today, people in rural areas don't need to spend hours or days traveling to Monrovia to get a birth certificate or to apply for a business permit. They can get these and other services in their counties.


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