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Businesses create employment from plastic waste and avert CO2 emissions

A waste management company, Hysaa Liberia Inc. received a grant from UNDP Liberia’s Livelihood and Employment Creation Programme to expand its collection and disposal of plastic waste.  

Stakeholders in agriculture call for audit of institutions in the sector

Farmers say there is lack of transparency and accountability in the management and operation of farmer cooperatives.  

A new UNCDF study finds Liberia’s farmers trapped in subsistence farming

The study found that farmers have extremely limited access to finance.  

Liberia launches its National Adaptation and Adcom Plans

The instruments are intended to help Liberia tackle the issue of climate change through a sound adaptation programme.  

Five Liberian Businesses win grants from the Growth Accelerator Program

The five Liberian businesses have won grants up to US40, 000 dollars each to improve their businesses after pitching their business models before a competent panel of jurors.  

Launch of historic land survey sets the stage for issuance of title deeds for customary land

This is the first time in the country’s history that the government will formally recognize traditional land ownership.  

UNDP Liberia Resident Representative urges LACC to accelerate its fight against corruption

The UNDP Representative also stressed that thefight against corruption must be done in a manner that builds public trust and confidence.  

Partners agree maintenance key to solar power installation at Bo Waterside border

The solar system is providing adequate, clean reliable energy to power immigration and security services at the border post.  

Liberia's women traders preparing to take on the African market

The consultations will provide a forum for women traders to identify and find solutions to the challenges they encounter.  

Time for a Liberian ‘Marshall Plan’ for the poor

Despite the relatively small population of Liberia, poverty and inequality are major issues.  

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