Governance and Public Institutions Programme

Democratic GovernancePolice Officers Assigned in Maryland County in Southeastern Liberia

This programme takes a broad view of governance to constitute the mechanisms, processes, relations, and institutions through which citizens and groups articulate their interests, exercise their rights, mediate their differences and build consensus on shared interests. Its utility rests in the extent to which it assists the government and citizens realize their development aspirations through state institutions that work; a civil service that pays a decent wage; a justice system that operates independently; a legislature that makes laws and controls executive power, and a free media that gives citizens information that empowers them, among others.

Specifically, the Programme focuses on four linked elements that reinforce the basic foundations of governance while targeting a substantially expanded role for women in each area of engagement, in particular their participation in positions of authority and decision-making at the national and local levels.

  • The Programme aims to ensure that justice and security policies and systems are in place to deliver effective and timely services to citizens in line with Liberia’s international and national obligations with particular attention to women, persons with disabilities and other vulnerable people.

  • The Support to Elections Programme seeks to deepen the democratization process in Liberia, with specific emphasis on improving electoral institutions, processes and laws.

  • The Liberia Decentralization Support Program (LDSP) is a successor to the Liberia Decentralization and Local Development (LDLD) which was a five-year program of support to the decentralization of political, administrative, and fiscal governance in Liberia.

  • UNDP’s Support to Constitutional Reform Project, implemented in collaboration with the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) and other development partners seeks to support the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) in advancing a people driven review and amendment of the constitution.

  • The Support to Transparency, Accountability, Oversight and Participation (STAOP) Program aims to support the government in promoting transparent and accountable governance in its national development strategy,

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