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Liberia to launch anti-corruption innovation project that will encourage citizens’ participation

The project will help to improve the effectiveness of the Liberian Anti-Corruption Commission whose work has been undermined by several factors.  

Liberia’s Palava Huts healing wounds from the civil war and reconciling communities

These traditional mechanisms are are not designed to deliver justice for the large-scale human rights violations and atrocities that characterized Liberia’s civil wars.  

Three key elements for bringing citizens to the center of democratic governance

Since the end of the civil war in 2003, Liberia has transitioned into a peaceful and stable nation that has set out to rebuild State institutions.  

UNDP supports Gender stakeholders’ conference on women's political participation in Liberia

The MOU supports the 30% gender quota, as per section 4.5 of the new elections law and its proposed amendment.  

Gender training “suddenly” propels officer higher up police ranks

Deputy Chief Officer Sergeant Patience Dorsla, was among 29 women officers selected from the Liberia National Police to attend a gender equity training that changed her career path.  

UNDP Liberia boosts citizens' feedback and performance management of government

The aim is to improve service delivery within the Ministries.  

UNDP Supports specialized training for transformation of Immigration Officers

The trainings are aimed at transforming in-service immigration officers and shifting their statuses from apprentices to professionals.  

UNDP supports upskilling corrections' officers for effective service delivery

This training represents one of the capacity building investments, which are meant to foster professionalism.  

Ireland and UNDP Sign US$1.7 million Agreement to Fund Liberia Electoral Support Project

Ireland’s support to this Project (LESP) will focus on strengthening inclusion and transparency of the electoral process.  

Case management information training to improve efficiency of Judiciary

The system will ensure efficient disposal of matters before the courts and reduce the high numbers of pretrial detainees.  

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