Governance and

Public Institutions

Improving governance systems

Our work in democratic governance promotes the maintenance of rule of law, access to justice, improving the efficiency and accountability of the public sector and minimizing corrupt practices. UNDP supports a more accountable and efficient government, together with a public sector that delivers quality services, while advocating for reforms and institutional capacity development in Liberia.

Building a democratic society

UNDP’s Governance & Public Institutions Programme seeks to bolster the efforts of the Government of Liberia in reforming and improving governance systems that adhere to and promote good governance and democratic values. Its interventions include: enhancing the rule of law and promoting accountable and transparent governance that is also inclusive and in accordance with international human rights standards;deepening the democratization process by improving electoral institutions, processes and laws; as well as increase transparency and accountability in governance processes.


Support to Elections
Strengthening the Rule of Law
Addressing Pre-trial Detainees
Cross Border Cooperation between Liberia and Ivory Coast
Support to Transparency, Accountability, Oversight


Women's participation in elections

Approximately 2.1 million Liberians registered to vote in the October 2017 presidential and legislative elections. Almost half of those registered were women,which constitutes 49%, according to the National Elections Commission.


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