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UNDP works in close collaboration with the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) and other key Ministries, Commissions and Agencies. The implementation of UNDP programme activities are carried out by Implementing Partners as appropriate, including national and local Government partners and civil society actors.

Pursuant to UN Resolution 72/279 on the repositioning of the United Nations System, agreed by all Member States, mandates the separation of the functions of the Resident Coordinators from those of the Resident Representatives of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) effective 1, January 2019.

Hence, Dr. Pa Lamin Beyai was appointed Resident Representative for UNDP Liberia as part of the de-linking process. However, the former UNDP Resident Representative Yacoub El Hillo still remains the United Nations Resident Coordinator. Through such coordination, UNDP seeks to ensure the most effective use of UN and International development aid resources to Liberia. 

Our staff come from many different countries and represent a diverse range of professional and cultural backgrounds. UNDP Liberia is managed by a Country Director who is responsible for ensuring the effective day-to-day management of UNDP Country Office and assumes overall responsibility for the UNDP programme and operations to ensure coherence and strategic direction of UNDP activities. The Resident Representative is supported by two Deputies, one for Programme and one for Operations, as well as a team of Advisors, Managers and Specialists.

Leadership and Management Team

1. Yacoub Hillo (UN Resident Coordinator)   2. Pa Lamin Beyai (Resident Representative) 3. Violet Baffour (Deputy/Programme)  4.Mulugeta Abebe (Deputy/Operations)  5. Miriam Clark-Harris  (Operations Specialist)  6. Tobie Djokoto-Ayite (Procurement Specialist)  7.Ignatius Abedu-Bentsi(Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist) 8. E. Kaman Weah ( President of Staff Association and Head of ICT Unit) 

Team of Advisors

 1. George Baratashvili (Chief Technical Advisor Elections)  2. Seeye Hagos (Security Sector Reform) 3. Maarten Barends (Chief Technical Advisor, Rule of Law)

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