Fishing communities in West Point and New Kru Town have engaged UNDP Liberia and partners to support several requests.
Stephen Rodriques promised to work with development partners as well as the UN System to mobilize additional resources in the areas of community development, livelihood etc.
An effective and timely resolution of disputes arising from elections helps to enhance the integrity of the electoral process and minimize the risk of political violence.
This initiative is part of UNDP COVID-19 support for protecting the vulnerable in Liberia’s informal sector. Livelihoods of those that are in vulnerable employment are the hardest hit by covid-19.
It's a case management system that allows relevant institutions to record reported crimes and cases.
The project seeks to benefit 50 traditional leaders, through intensive training in customary laws, inheritance law, Community forest management law, Community Land rights law, constitution etc.
International partners note that despite years of effort to bring more women to elective office, including the legislature, their representation remains low.

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