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Webinar: Green Bonds for NDC Implementation

Online - July 17, 2018 @ 16 JST Tokyo time

Learn about green bonds, barriers for international debt capital markets, and how aggregation of project assets and refinancing through proceeds of green bonds can accelerate NDC implementation. We will consider structures that can be designed for replication across countries and look at three inspiring examples of how such investment structures can work in practice. Read more and register here >

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Latin American & Caribbean Carbon Forum & Climate Finance Dialogue

Montevideo, Uruguay - August 20-23, 2018

The Latin American and Caribbean Carbon Forum (LACCF) is bringing together for the tenth consecutive year key players from the private and public sectors to share the state of the art around climate change migration, and reach out to cooperation agencies, potential investors and service providers. It is a space where climate aspirations turn into climate action. Get the scoop here >

Montevideo, Uruguay, aerial view of downtown buildings and Plaza Independencia square.

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A global gathering of governments, non-state actors and development partners rallies countries to reflect on low-carbon development trajectories for future generations.


This project proposes a car fleet renewal system accompanied by a scrapping programme to introduce fuel-efficient cars in the market and dispose of old polluting cars in an environmentally sound way


The ambitious objective of the Paris Agreement requires that countries think bigger and longer-term than what five-year NDC cycles might imply. To do so, countries may find it useful to step back…


UNDP has issued a range of approaches to track, assess and plan for climate finance.

Panel Discussion on Financing NDC Implementation - Ms. Coral Pasisi, GCF_0

The Pacific is home to small island countries that are already experiencing the devastating effects of climate change, including rising sea levels and an increase in natural disasters.


Technical Advisor Alexandra Soezer writes about her understanding of transformational development in the context of a rural electrification initiative in Lao PDR.