UNDP Country Director Speaks at the Turnover Ceremony of Baggage Scanners at Liberia's Airport

Nov 6, 2017

UNDP Country Director Pa Lamin Beyai making remarks at a formal turn over ceremony of baggage scanners at the Roberts International Airport

Let me express thanks and appreciation to the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA) for organizing this function which shows ownership and leadership of national partners.

UNDP yielded the need to support the Customs Officers positioned at the Robert International Airport (RIA) to ensure proper screening of goods and materials entering the country are in line with the Customs Tariff Code of Liberia.

Furthermore, the request by LRA to procure two Large Baggage Scanners (LBS) is to strengthen economic governance and protection of people and properties in line with international best practice as standard for customs airport management practices.

UNDP in close collaboration with the LRA procured two large baggage scanners and were installed at the Roberts International Airport (RIA).

The provision of the scanners is expected to improve customs effectiveness at the RIA entry and exit points, increase operational efficiency, strengthen security and as well prevent smuggling at the entry points.

Furthermore, this gesture is very timely as the Government of Liberia focuses on domestic resource mobilization.  

Technical Capacity Building of LRA Customs Staff

UNDP in partnership with LRA, conducted on-site scanner training (value for money) which provided an opportunity to have more LRA Staff participate and benefit in two scanner trainings namely: Basic Technical Scanner training and Scanner Operator training, otherwise, it meant sending 2-3 people out of the country at the same cost.  UNDP organized for Astrophysics (scanner vendor) engineer to come to Liberia to conduct the training on-site. These trainings impacted skills for effective and efficient use of the scanners. 

Total of fifteen (15) LRA Customs Officers positioned at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) benefited from these trainings.

  • Basic Technical Scanner training course - UNDP in collaboration with LRA organized internationally recognized Basic Technical Scanner training from 20th – 25th August 2017 for five (5) days benefiting ten (10) LRA staff who included eight (8) men and two (2) female resulting to 20% female participation below the 25% target.

The technical course which was conducted by Astrophysics Engineer gave the LRA Customs Staff technical skills in trouble-shooting and scanner maintenance. Customs staff took both practical and written exams and those who will pass will be awarded an internationally recognized technician certificate and can also proceed to a higher level technical course. The technical course covered the following key training series:-

  • Introduction to Astrophysics Inc
  • Overview of product models
  • Safety protocols
  • Wring and components
  • Astrophysics software
  • Single view hands-on training
  • Basic trouble shooting
  • Scanner Operator Training – UNDP in collaboration with LRA organized a second training for one (1) day on 26th August 2017 on Baggage Scanner Operator training and five (5) LRA customs staff all female (100%) benefitted. The LRA staff acquired skills to help them screen incoming luggages to easily identify the items for tax revenue collection or any dangerous or unlawful objects.
  • Skills and Knowledge Acquired
  • Participants acquired new skills and technical knowledge, thus increasing efficiency
  • Increased monitoring and ease of screening, fast maintenance, reduction in down time and compliance in executing the tariff code on goods and materials at entry points
  • Ensuring operational efficiency - image identification and interpretation - can easily identify objects.
  • Exposed LRA customs staff to tracking of illicit drugs through the Scanner Machine, explosive and other contrabands.

Moving forward

In the spirit of partnership and for effective and efficient use of the scanners procured, there is huge need to ensure they are put in full operation and function following the basic technical capacity and skill trainings.

For the Customs Staff who will pass the Basic Technical Scanner Course and be awarded the internationally recognized certificate, may stand an opportunity of proceeding to the advance level scanner training course.

Today, we have an opportunity to continue our collaboration, through this scanner turnover ceremony meant to promote and provide an effective and efficient tool for Tax Revenue collection.

Finally, UNDP trusts that LRA will find these new technology baggage scanners useful as an efficient working tool.

Thank you


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