Opening Remarks Monrovia Dialogue on Domestic Resources mobilization Strategy Monrovia City Corporation

Nov 10, 2016

Observe all protocols

We are delighted to be at this occasion marking another step in support of the mobilization of domestic resource as part of broader resource mobilization/financing strategy to realize national, regional and global aspirations to which this government has committed, most importantly, the sustainable development goals, the so-called SDGs

With the launch of the SDGs -17 goals, 169 targets and 230 plus indicators - with the key principle of “leaving no one behind”, a key factor of success is the financing strategy to realize these goals;

Given our focus on ensuring inclusive and participatory development, we are particularly encouraged by the fact, that participants have been drawn from government, CSOs, s, private sector, media, students, etc, true to the letter and spirit of LEAVING NO ONE BEHIND.

UNDP is very privileged to have provided support to the Government, through the MOFDP in developing a road-map for the domestication of the SDGs and exploring opportunities and entry points for domestication of agenda 2030 and 2063; the roadmap outlines a set or key priorities including a communication and awareness raising campaigns for domesticating the SDGs,costing it; developing an M&E framework; and determining financing mechanisms, among others.

As this happens however, we know that the country continues to go through severe economic constraints owing largely to the fall in global commodity prices, resulting in declined growth and a shrinking fiscal space.

n this context, the government needs to urgently diversify the development financing base to give AfT-II and the SDGs any chance of succeeding. It calls for a comprehensive financing needs assessment in order to develop financing strategy that will tap into a range of possible financing options.

One of these options - and the reason why this dialogue is timely – relates to Domestic Tax Revenue Mobilization

We know that through the work of the LRA, Liberia is making significant progress in the generation of tax revenue with specific measures being putting in measures for tax compliance and in stimulating a culture of paying taxes in a voluntary manner with massive investments in public education and awareness raising.

UNDP is pleased to be a strategic partner of the LRA. As a build up to this dialogie, UNDP supported the LRA, working closely through and with the MOFDP, the holding of three regional dialogues designed to engage stakeholders at regional level, raising awareness on the culture of voluntary tax compliance, sensitising them on tax administration systems, and seeking ways of improving service delivery to the Liberian people.  These regional dialogues have ensured that ‘nobody is left behind’

We are pleased to learn that LRA is part of the roll-out of the County Service Centres ensuring that revenue collected is accounted for

We are also aware that all these events will culminate in the holding of the first-ever ‘National Revenue Summit’ to reflect with the stakeholders on the untapped potential and the options for accelerating domestic revenue mobilization as a key strategy for financing the SDGs

I would like to conclude by re-stating the strategic nature of our partnership with the LRA. These partnership has enabled us to identify and implement a number of priority capacity strengthening interventions including the set-up and equipping of a Data Centre, installation of a baggage scanner at the RIA and a range of TA including a partnership with OECD under the Tax Inspectors Without Borders

Finally, I can only say that the partnership is strong, the vision is clear and the future can only be bright. Thank you

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