Kamil Kamaluddeen: Statement made at the Launch of the New Deal Dashboard (NDD)

Sep 27, 2013

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, all protocols observed:

Today’s event is an important signal of the commitment of the government and partners to implement the New Deal.  The launch is significant for several reasons:

That as the President is making a clarion call on world leaders to  prioritize the New Deal for fragile states, Liberia is making history as the first country to have a new deal dash board as an imbedded functionality of its Aid Management Platform. The aid/development effectiveness architecture that fosters mutual accountability, aid transparency and national ownership and commitment to the process of peace building and state building;

Through the AMP with its expanded New Deal Dashboard (NDD) functionality, government is able to clearly demonstrate resource commitment of in line with MTEF   and track those resources and results to Peace building goals being supported across the country.

 • Shows that Liberia is on the right trajectory,  demonstrating commitment at the highest level of government  consistent with  a recent statement by the President on the  acceleration of efforts to develop a compact for Liberia in which will help bolster support for New Deal for the support and effective implementation of the ND.

Building on this, further progress can be achieved by what I would call the five critical imperatives for the internalization of the new deal in Liberia:

  A New Deal Steering Committee which will provide the oversight and direction for the compact process.

  Cabinet New Deal Round Table leading to the endorsement of option of a New Deal Compact.

•Development of a compact and Resource mobilization.  With a compact, there are huge prospects for Liberia to raise additional resources in support of the AfT.  As the case of South Sudan and, more recently, Somalia has shown, through a New Deal Compact, Liberia could mobilize resources for the consolidation of peace and ensure resilience.

•Availability of statistics and results based monitoring of progress

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to inform you that this launch also coincides with capacity building efforts aimed at fostering data collection and outreach efforts of the Aid Management Unit (AMU). 

With funding from the EU, through the joint UNDP/ Peace Building Support Office (PBSO) Aid Information Management project (AIMS), we are formally turning over a brand new Jeep for use by the AMU in strengthening Aid Information System in Liberia. 

Liberia has played a role in the formulation of the new deal.  In 2011 Liberia hosted the international dialogue on peace building and state building. And most recently, President hosted the fragile states meeting on post 2015 global development agenda.  It is very fitting that today’s event is seen as another important milestone.

For us at the UNDP, we are very happy to be part of the event.  I wish to thank the government for achieving yet another milestone in the strive for peace and state building, so that Liberia will redress fragility for good- consolidate the gains and accelerate progress towards realizing the Millennium Development Goals and the AFT.

I thank you


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