Elections Project conducts several trainings ahead of the October Elections

Aug 23, 2017

The Board of Commissioners and partners attending the start of the training exercise for Election Magistrates

With less than two months before the 10 October 2017 general elections in Liberia the National Elections Commission and the United Nations Development programme (UNDP) continue to improve the capacity and skills of core election staff in preparation for elections in Liberia.

Magistrates that are responsible for managing key field level activities of the National Elections Commission have participated in project-supported training sessions to strengthen election hearings and complaints.

At the same time, these staff were briefed on the new field-headquarters communication systems and logistics and operational plans for the forthcoming elections.

The right to a hearing and appeal against decisions are crucial elements of an electoral process.

The Elections Basket Fund supports magistrates in enhancing their knowledge and ability to handle election- related complaints in order to resolve disputes.

Any member of the public has a right to file a complaint within the electoral timeline crucial complaints are managed transparently and expeditiously.

Magistrates were also briefed on the National Elections Commission’s new communication system that aims to process information and operational plans more efficiently to headquarters than in previous elections.

The training of Magistrates also ensures better management of field operations and improves coordination among election offices nationwide and the retrieval of data and information from the field.

In a related development, the Elections project has also conducted training of civil society organisations that will act as key civic and voters’ education partners over the coming months.

The campaign will increase awareness across the country on voters’ rights and responsibilities.

Working together with the National Elections Commission these organisations will work nationwide to coordinate their activities in engaging communities in variety of activities to increase participation in, and awareness of, the forthcoming elections. There is a strong emphasis on women’s participation in the campaign with emphasis the importance of women’s role in political governance.

Equally, the rights of persons with disabilities will be highlighted in the campaign, to encourage full participation.

Activities will continue over the next months and throughout the campaign and electoral activities with an aim to reach at least 90 percent of eligible voters, using traditional market place gatherings, palava hut meetings, theatre performances and radio talk shows and jingles among others.

The European Union, Sweden, the United Nations Development Programme, Canada and Ireland support the National Elections Commission and other agencies to strengthen the electoral system in Liberia with a fund of USD16 million dollars.


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