GoL officially takes over KMV Projects

Apr 25, 2016

Beneficiaries under the KMV Project posed with Partners at the dedication programme

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Sunday April 24 encouraged citizens of Kokoyah District in Bong County, including the Superintendent, Town Chief and Clan Chief to take ownership of the Millennium Village Projects.

At the dedication ceremony of the Kokoyah Millennium Village (KMV) Project in Botota, Kokoyah Statutory District, the Liberian Leader praised the Norwegian government and partners for providing the needed funding, the commitment and the determination to see the project executed.

She urged citizens and residents of the village to maintain and protect the project. She promised that government will do everything to decentralize local governance and bring it closer to the people.

“I want to thank our partners and the people of Kokoyah District for this great initiative and for successfully implementing these projects,” she added.

The Liberian Leader praised residents of Kokoyah for embracing new initiatives. She expressed the hope that in future the village could attract the private sector, small businesses and training centers.

The Kokoyah Millennium Villages Development Project (KMVDP) is a community based rural development project implemented by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in partnership with UNDP Liberia, the beneficiary communities and the Government of Norway as donor.

It aims at achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) at the community level through well-known local interventions to improve the living conditions of community beneficiaries.

Making remarks at the ceremony, the Second Secretary of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Accra, Ms. Ingrid Buli challenged the people of Kokoyah to maintain the facilities and take charge of their own future.

Ms. Buli indicated that development takes time and great effort but it is the responsibility of the people to achieve their goals even in the mist of challenges. She praised the partnership with UNDP and the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

UNDP Deputy Country Director for Programme Cleophas Torori mentioned that the KMV is really about service delivery, bringing essential services closer to the people and seeking to transform their livelihoods.

Mr. Torori disclosed that UNDP was happy to find out from Caretakers of the project that as a result of the interventions, enrollment at the school have increased from 60 to almost 300, while the clinic now receives between 80-100 patients daily as compared to 60 received in the past.

He praised the people of Kokoyah for remaining steadfast and working tirelessly and patiently on a set of low cost community level interventions intended to improve their living conditions.

Presenting the keys to President Sirleaf, Deputy Internal Affairs Minister for Administration, Varney Sirleaf commended President Sirleaf for her commitment to developing the country.

“This is truly the people’s project and we want the district to take ownership of these facilities,” Deputy Minister Sirleaf said.

The US$3.9 million completed development projects situated in Rock Crusher and Botota, include an information center, hand pumps, 2 clinics, 2 Junior High Schools, teachers’ quarters, a multi-purpose center, a market, 2 communication towers, new streets, solar lights etc.

Botota, the administrative seat of Kokoyah Statutory District, is home to over 6,000 residents, many of them, farmers. It is expected that the social impact of the KMV will benefit more than 200 households.

The Millennium Village Project aims to support integrated development projects in poor communities across Africa.

"Out of US$5 million, $3.9 million was spent on the project and the construction took nearly seven years to complete" Deputy Internal Affairs Minister Varney Sirleaf said during the dedication.


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