“UNDP Is Your Partner”…UNDP/RBA Chief for Country Oversight Says

Feb 1, 2016

Ms. Maguire and UNDP Country Director, Kamil Kamaluddeen interacting with trainees in the electronics Department

The Chief of Oversight of UNDP Regional Africa Bureau has told students and the administrators of the Center Songhai Liberia (CSL) that UNDP remains their strong ‘partner’.

Ms. Linda Maguire said UNDP, as a partner will do all it can to continue to provide and advocate for additional support for the CSL.

“We’ll do everything we can to advocate for this good work and to support it in every way” she stated during a visit to the Center in Bensonville, Bentol City, Montserrado County.

Ms. Maguire indicated that positive stories about young people’s involvement in the developmental drive of their country and the potentials they possess for productivity are not often told.

She said they are rather branded as agents of destruction, violence and other negative attributes. Ms. Maguire added: “Your stories need to be told. We don’t hear the good stories about the potentials of the youth to build the country- to enhance productivity; and I think that’s the story that you have here”.

The UNDP Africa Bureau Official said as an overseer for forty-six Country Offices in Africa, the level of resilience and potentials seen especially amongst young people, is ‘very special’ and need to be emulated by other countries.

For his part, UNDP Liberia Country Director Dr. Kamaluddeen K. Kamaluddeen congratulated the students and thanked them for what he called, “taking very important life decisions”. “It’s not everywhere that you find young people who are able to think through as to what their own interest and future should look like”.

He described the decision of the young trainees to enhance their skills as “terrific” stressing that the basis of such decision should be agriculture.

He said the agricultural and other life skills trainings being acquired by the young people at Center Songhai Liberia answer the Liberian question of whether or not the country can become self-sufficient.

The UNDP Liberia Boss told the students to maximize the opportunity of acquiring skills that will enable them control their own future and positively contribute to the development of Liberia. He added, “Always remember that if it’s development, UNDP is always there…”

Earlier, Center Songhai Liberia Programme Director, Christopher Fayia praised the UNDP team for the support and expressed optimism that the partnership will continue to grow stronger and yield more tangible and fruitful results.

At least 100 trainees between the ages of 15-24 years are currently enrolled. The full scale role out of the training commenced on December 14, 2015 and will continue until February 26, 2016 with possible extension, so as to cover sufficient training materials and adequately prepare the trainees.

The center offers training in, general agriculture which includes applying skills for creating market garden, planting food crops, harvesting, techniques in watering and storing of crops; Entrepreneurship development, leadership training, acquiring managerial skills, business skills, organizing a business, business planning, book-keeping etc.

The Center also offers courses in, food processing (Pastry, soap making, gari processing, etc). They are also trained in Value chain, production and marketing techniques, middle-buyers techniques, electronics (repairs); general first aid practices etc.

UNDP Liberia hired the professional services of Center Songhai Liberia (CSL) to implement skills and entrepreneurship development training for the young students, with an objective to help them acquire productive skills, including life-skills that might place them in a better footing to secure sustainable livelihoods, employment and empowerment.



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