Empowering youth early recovery- UNDP supports skills training

Nov 17, 2015

Active Case Finders volunteers in the field during the peak of the Ebola Crisis

UNDP in partnership with the Center Songhai Liberia (CSL) based in Bensonville, Bentol City, Montserrado County is to shortly launch a 4-months Youth-Focused Vocation/Skills Training targeting mainly young people.

The training will provide a range of skills covering such areas as general agriculture; pastry, catering services, gari and soap making; repair works (electronics); value chain; entrepreneurship development skills; and first aid, among key ones.

This will be infused with soft-skills including the principles of social cohesion, empowerment and gender equality, thus integrating normative messages about what it means to be a good citizen and about how they may become self-reliant and self-respecting citizens.

Some 200 youths will benefit from this training and trainee recruitment is currently underway. UNDP is investing some US$300,000 dollars on this programme.

UNDP has worked with thousands of young people as volunteer Active Case Finders, community mobilizers, contact tracers and psycho-social officers during the peak of the Ebola crisis.

These Youth have played critical roles in the fight against the EVD crisis, but now find themselves idle, without an income, as Ebola has been eradicated.

As an integral part of UNDP’s recovery strategy, the UN Agency, through the vocational training partnership, wants to capitalize on the energy created by providing the opportunity for some of those young people interested in further acquiring productive skills, including life-skills that might place them in a better footing to secure sustainable livelihoods, employment and empowerment.


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