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Mentees take over mentorship role

At least forty-five (39 males & 6 females) mentees under the Liberia Decentralization Support Programme (LDSP) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) have assumed responsibilities as Mentors in…  

Community Establishes Platform to Prevent and Mediate Conflicts in Senjeh

A UNDP project funded by the Peacebuilding Fund, is partnering with the National Bureau of Concession (NBC) mediate conflicts and promote peaceful coexistence. between concession companies and…  

Immigration Border Patrol gets Marine Unit

At least 40 officers of the Liberia Immigration Service (LIS) have completed an 18-day intensive training in operating and maintaining dinghies (boats) along the coastal lines.  

Data Critical to National Development, Says Assistant Finance Minister

Assistant Finance and Development Planning Minister Benedict Kolubah says the Government of Liberia is committed to ensuring that the livelihood of its people is improved at an appreciable level.  

Land Authority Receives US$89,000 Survey Equipment from UNDP

UNDP turned over to the Liberia Land Authority, land survey equipment. The survey equipment constitutes UNDP’s modest yet catalytic support and is at the cost of $89,747.40.  

Japanese and Peacebuilding fund secures Laboratory Equipment, Motorbikes for Government

In continuation of efforts to support and Strengthen post-ebola medical surveillance, promote social cohesion and socio-economic recovery initiatives in Liberia, the United Nations Development…  

The Liberia Moment: From Peacekeeping to Peacebuilding in this new Liberian landscape

We bid farewell to the United Nations Mission in Liberia, which brought stability and reassured a nation scarred by back-to-back wars.  

Liberian Government taps the private sector to build effective climate information and early warning systems

The Government of Liberia has deployed 11 automatic weather stations (AWS), 6 agrometeorology stations, a lightning detection system, hydrological software that will provide for integrated water…  

Youth look to a cleaner, greener, prosperous future

In a quick one-month community clean-up and sensitization project led by the Government of Liberia, and supported by UNDP and the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL), 1,600 youth (50 percent women) were…  

Transfer of knowledge-national staff empowered to take the lead

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and its partners from the Ministries of Commerce and Internal Affairs have been taking stock of achievements and challenges over a one-year period under…  

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