UNDP Liberia Annual Report 2011

28 Sep 2011


This report provides an account of major achievements of the year, and highlights some of the key results that have far reaching impacts in advancing Liberia’s development agenda for transformation and sustaining peace and stability.


  • UNDP delivered US$ 47,506 million in support of the people of Liberia. Partnership with the Government, United Nations Mission in Liberia and donors was vital to deliver results achieved in 2011.
  • UNDP was in charge of managing financial resources contributed by donors, commonly known as the “Basket Fund”.
  • Nearly 1.8 million Liberians exercised their constitutional right to vote in the first nationally organised Presidential and Parliamentary elections since the end of the country’s civil conflict in 2003, marking a significant milestone in Liberia’s post-war democratic development.
  • Women constituted 49% of total voters, proportionate to registered women voters.
  • UNDP and other international partners provided co-ordinated, technical and operational assistance in support to the National Elections Commission and the Government of Liberia.

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