SGBV Strategy Meeting Report

30 Sep 2013


This report identifies key GBV prevention strategies currently being adopted/implemented in Liberia and share experiences,and skills to facilitate discussions on key target stakeholders and prioritize key prevention strategies for 2014.


  • The local transportation Pen-pen has become a means used by perpetrators of rape and sexual violence in recent times.
  • A prevention strategy in 2014, must engage the leadership of the pen-pen riders union to use them as agents of change and to disseminate GBV messages to their colleagues and involve them in GBV programs and activities.
  • 85% of the total Liberian population owns a cell phone, to adequately convey anti- rape messages, Cell Phone companies should be engaged as a part of their social corporate responsibility.
  • It is expected that a large portion of the Liberian population will be sensitive to rape and will be aware of the impact and consequence of rape if short anti-rape messages are allowed to be played before a subscriber’s call goes through or before a subscriber receives a call.

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