SOP for SGBV Services

10 Oct 2013


This Standard Operating Procedure Document establishes clear procedures, roles and responsibilities for each actor involved in the response to SGBV survivors.


  • Survivors of sexual and gender based violence need services that ease the pain and trauma they experience whenever they are violated and help them to cope and recover in the quickest possible time.
  • The legal counselor/Prosecutor at the one stop center provides all necessary information to the survivor on the legal aspects of the case and counsels him/her on registering the case in the court.
  • The break in confidentiality can cause the death of not only the survivor, but of staff and other residents at the home.
  • With child survivors, additional efforts are made to ensure provision of legal assistance in child-friendly language, and other methods as necessary to ensure that the child is informed, understands and is able to fully participate in the process.

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