Domestic Violence Paper

17 Oct 2013


This study was commissioned by the Ministry of Gender and Development with support from the SGBV Joint programme and UNFPA to find out the status of domestic violence in Liberia with the ultimate aim of coming up with data and evidence from the field that would inform the development of a Domestic Violence law for Liberia.


  • The study was carried out in three strategic counties which are characterized as representative samples of designated geographic areas,
  • Research suggests that some women may be more vulnerable to becoming victims and less capable of exiting violent relationships, depending on their age, living arrangements and abilities.
  • According to the Liberian Demographic Health Survey 2007, 11% of women reported sexual violence, and 36% reported emotional violence, while 49% of ever-married women report some type of emotional, physical, or sexual violence
  • Domestic violence is an abuse against women, men & children which results to sexual exploration, trauma, and serious bodily harm and also leads to social economic, cultural and traditional effects

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