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  • Eco-friendly stoves help combat coastal erosion while boosting income in Liberia

    The government, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), launched a project to develop defense mechanisms against the effects of climate change that cause sea erosion.

  • Snail-raising helps protect biodiversity in Liberia

    Years of war and over-dependence on forest resources in rural Liberia led to environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity and destruction of the rural economy. Wild bee harvesting for example, uses smoke with a risk of forest fires while the use of fuel wood for charcoal production to serve the insatiable desires for charcoal in Liberia’s urban areas. The harvesting of wild snails, a delicacy in Liberia, also contributed to the destruction of Liberia’s West Africa Upper Guinea Forest - 42 per cent of which is located in Liberia – the largest portion of any single country in West Africa.

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