Support to Elections Programme

What is the Project About?

 Provisional results of the voter registration exercise indicate over 2.1 million people registered to vote in 2017 (Photo UN in Liberia)

Although good progress was witnessed in the three years since the 2011 elections in strengthening some of the National Elections Commission’s (NEC) capabilities there continues to be a need to consolidate these achievements. Institutional capacity building, strengthening permanent and temporary staff capacity for core and ancillary agencies including security agencies are crucial to the conduct of future elections. As importantly ensuring inclusive elections with the participation of all individuals eligible to vote or be elected is an important role for the NEC.  Providing conflict resolution mechanism platforms to resolve disputes in an inclusive and transparent manner and supporting transparency and engaging stakeholders are also crucial. In October 2017 general elections will be key to the NEC consolidating its reputation and by extension deepening trust in the electoral system and democratic consolidation.

The project, Support to the 2015-2018 Liberia Elections Cycle, responds to these needs assisting build capacity of the NEC to deliver transparent and credible elections. A total of nine outputs work to increase long term capacity by strengthening training tools and methods and assisting the NEC introduce modern administration systems. The project also supports the NEC produce a new voter register in advance of general elections in October 2017 and increase the role of women in elections and political life. Civic education informing citizens of their key rights and supporting NEC strengthen its capacity to engage stakeholders, and resolve disputes, in an effective and transparent manner are also major outputs.

This project is implemented by UNDP and is funded by a joint basket fund supported by our partners the European Union and Sweden. It is also coordinated through the One UN policy with other United Nations agencies. The project builds on UNDP’s election support project of 2010-2013 and builds on a policy of long-term electoral cycle support for elections.

What have we accomplished so far?

Legal certainty was increased by the production of four legal analyses on boundary demarcation, voting rights of prisoners, candidate nomination and residency requirements. Following UNDP supported training electoral magistrates have increased understanding and skills in dealing with electoral complaints.

Political parties increased their commitment to peaceful elections in developing and signing a resolution and memorandum of understanding promoting peaceful elections with project support in advance of the October 2017 general elections.

2.18 million voters are registered in 2017 almost half of them women, employing equipment and training material, supplied by the United Nations Development Programme.

For the first time the National Elections Commission has adopted a gender mainstreaming policy clearly setting out gender equality as central principle in its activities.

Public outreach has specific target groups including young people, women and first time voters. Tactile ballots will be available at polling sites to assist visually impaired people vote on election day ensuring they enjoy the same citizen rights as other voters.

Working with civil society an awareness campaign has reached over 1 million Liberians increasing voter awareness and civic participation.

Training for 7,200 security officials has increased commitment to electoral policing and understanding of best practices. The election commission’s engagement with political parties, civil society and the legal community is also increased through regular dialogue and consultation.

Technical expertise is being provided to the election commission’s data processing unit. It assisted compile an accurate voter register and is supporting the design of a secure data system for election results management.

Who Finances It?

 Year   Donor Name Amount Contributed Per Year
2017 Canada $705,000
2017 Ireland $491,000
2016 European Union    $10,700,000
2016  Sweden  $2,700,000  
2016  UNDP  $1,000,000  
2014  UNDP Trac  $530,000
2013  EU  $467,676.88
























Delivery in previous year

Year Total Delivery
2016 4,125,136.18
2015 $643,347.87
 2014 $844,265.29
 2013 $2,311,146.49
 2012 $ 1,889,944.46
 2011 $13,358,904.04
 2010 $ 4,600,405.24

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