Support to Constitutional Reform Programme

What is the programme about?

 The Constitutional Review Committee has conducted several nation-wide consultations on the review of some provisions within the Liberian Constitution

Constitution reform is a key priority of the Government of Liberia. It provides a unique opportunity for advancing reconciliation, political dialogue, nation building, security and peace consolidation in Liberia.

An inclusive, transparent and participatory constitutional review process will create an enabling environment for realizing long-term political, social stability as well as economic development in Liberia.

UNDP’s Support to Constitutional Reform (SCR) Project seeks to support the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) in advancing a people driven review and amendment of the constitution.

The project’s specific goal is to strengthen national capacity for the implementation of a transparent, impartial, inclusive, participatory and creditable constitution making process. The Constitutional Reform Programme has the following objectives:-To build capacity of the CRC to conduct constitutional review;

-To undertake review of the current constitution, policies and reports;

-To enhance public participation through civic education and consultation;

-To enhance the capacity of the Law Reform Commission, Governance Commission, Traditional Council, youth and women groups to participate in constitutional review;

-To strengthen civil society, political parties, youth, women and media participation in the constitutional review process and to;

-To mobilize technical and financial resources for the second phase of the project–the legislative and referendum phase.

The Project supports the Constitutional Review Committee to undertake several activities, among which are:

-Support Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) to develop an organization structure and recruit staff;

-Organize induction workshops on constitutional design and development, constitutionalism and constitution making;

-Assist the CRC to develop and cost an “Action Plan” for the constitutional review process; and support the development of rules and procedures for its operation among others.

in 2017, the project endeavor to:

- Increase the capacity of CRC’s successor to provide leadership to the Constitution review process;

-Enhance public participation in the constitutional review process

-Increase political parties and civil society participation in the constitutional review process

-Build National consensus on the proposals and

-Appropriately plan for the Legislative and referendum phases of the review

Accomplishments so far

In 2017,  advocacy and outreach through civil society organizations helped deepen citizens' engagement and lobby with members of the Legislature for the drafting and passage of a referendum bill. Seven CSOs recruited  for this purpose conducted 80 outreach activities including sensitization and legislative town hall meetings, social mobilization and community mappings, palava-huts, workshops and dialogues, production of radio dramas, jingles and talk shows, focus groups, production of flyers, training and dialogues in about 34 locations in 7 Counties, to help deepen citizens’ engagement in the constitutional review process. The Legislature has conducted a  first review of the document.

During the citizens' engagements, Community members provided comments on the various propositions and in some instances where lawmakers attended some of these consultations, they were quizzed on the need to speed up the referendum process and why it was necessary to ensure that some of the constitututional provisions were effected.

Some of the activities which were organized around thelections helped Enhance citizen relationship with their lawmakers thereby creating a culture of accountability. This made it even compelling for law makers to account of their stewardship.

Equipment provided to the Law Reform Commission enable it to undertake the archiving of documents generated from the Constitution Review Process.





Who Finances It?

Year   Donor Amount contributed
2017 UNDP Core $150,000
2017 USAID $658,048.97
2014-2015 PBF $2,000,000



2014-2015 USAID $400,000

Delivery in Previous Year

Year Total Delivery
2017 $808,048
2014-2015 $3,900,000

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