Life After Ebola

13 Feb 2018


The report covers activities undertaken by Emma Smith Life Recovery Foundation, ESLRF for the months of November and December relative to the project designed to embark on media advocacy in response to Ebola stigmatization and related socio-economic problems the survivors are contending with. In addition to the campaign against Ebola stigmatization, this project could be seen as a communication research bringing out the untold stories of neglected victims of the Ebola scourge. Other beneiciary bracket of the project include orphans, widows and caregivers of the children who lost one or both parents to the epidemic.


  • The project gave due consideration to gender issues, in selection of key actors and beneiciaries. Special focus was placed on widows and orphans, as well as female care-givers to ensure they are fairly covered.
  • In the production of the eight programs recorded, we heard from an estimated iftyeight persons. Dis-aggregated by gender the women Ebola survivors, widows and caregivers combined are thirty-eight. From the thirty-eight, sixteen are Ebola survivors, six widows, six orphans and twelve caregivers.
  • Assistance to Ebola survivors elicited, overwhelmingly points to a situation of neglect. Most of those interviewed from the leadership of the National Ebola Survivors network and other victims from various counties indicated that all hospitals are not providing special care for them.

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