Liberia Economic Situation 2017

26 Feb 2017


The paper examines the tax amendment measures to determine their impact on peace and stability of the country, their implications for human security, and the overall impact on the UN’s programming in Liberia.  


  • The key issues delved into are: the impact of the increases in the taxes on account of the new tax amendment act and supporting port clearing procedures, monetary and exchange rate policies to address the inflation and depreciation of the LRD, concern about dollarization, and low level of economic diversification.
  • It attempts to synthesize and tease out the key policy problems and policy options using triangulation of approaches, including event studies, comparative analysis and expert opinions.
  • flight and driving the dollarized economy underground? The key conclusion is the need to focus more closely on improving macroeconomic management by tackling the root causes of the economy’s problems rather than treating the symptoms.

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