Liberia Industrialization Policy

22 Feb 2011


“Industry for Liberia’s future” is the Government’s policy framework for accelerating the development of a thriving and competitive industrial sector in Liberia to generate employment and sustainable development for the country.


  • In response to the Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS), the Ministry of Commerce & Industry through this industrial policy seeks to contribute to the Government wider development efforts by articulating a strategy for the development of the industrial sector in Liberia that will generate inclusive and equitable growth over the long term.
  • Sustained industrial growth can benefit Liberians through greater opportunities for formal employment and rising wages.
  • Diversification of the economy to include more industrial activities can reduce Liberia’s dependence on natural resources, which can in turn insulate the Liberian economy from fluctuating commodity prices, as well as provide the foundation for more sustainable development not dependent on extraction of finite resources.

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