High Level Panel UN Report

30 May 2013


This report outlines five transformational shifts, applicable to both developed and developing countries alike, including a new Global Partnership as the basis for a single, universal post-2015 agenda that will deliver a vision for the sake of humanity and provides an example of how new goals and measurable targets could be framed in the wake of these transformative shifts.


  • The 13 years since the millennium have seen the fastest reduction in poverty in human history, there are half a billion fewer people living below an international poverty line of $1.25 a day.
  • Child death rates have fallen by more than 30%, with about three million children’s lives saved each year compared to 2000.
  • Deaths from malaria have fallen by one quarter. This unprecedented progress has been driven by a combination of economic growth, better policies, and the global commitment to the MDGs, which set out an inspirational rallying cry for the whole world.

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