1st quarter 2014 KMVP Report

31 Mar 2014


This is the first quarter progress report of the KMVP covering January-March 2014.  


  • The second milestone of the Gbarta Elementary School under construction was completed by Guinni Creek United Development Association (GUCDA)
  • 40 youths from the three sub districts of Kokoyah were trained in bricks making. This training equipped the youth with skills in producing compressed earth sun fired bricks used in building local houses and provided a window of opportunity for the youths to organize themselves into groups (“Koos”) to easily negotiate for work contracts with individuals and local contractors building houses in Kokoyah.
  • The project completed the construction of the Doeta Elementary School and provided 120 pieces of furniture (student desks) intended to provide ideal sitting spaces for approximately 150 students attending school in Doeta.

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