Liberia MDG Report 2010

10 Apr 2010


Liberia's 2010 Millennium Development Goals (MDG) report represents the programs and processes the Government of Liberia is undertaking to advance the social and economic wellbeing of the nation. It describes the enabling environment for conducting and implementing MDGs and identifies challenges, bottlenecks and recommendations to accelerate the achievement.


  • Liberia makes significant progress on its development agenda, leading to the completion point of the Heavily Indebted Poor Country Initiative.
  • Liberia has now embarked on a long-term economic planning exercise - Liberia Rising 2030 - to realize our goal of inclusive social, political and economic growth and development.
  • Liberia's MDGs successes include promoting gender equality and empowering women (Goal 3), in which Liberia won the prestigious MDG Three Award in 2010; combating HIV/AIDS with a current prevalence rate of 1.5 %,( Goal 6); and developing a global partnership for development (Goal 8).

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