Liberia MDG Report 2004

06 Sep 2004


This Millennium Development Goals Report (MDGR) 2004 captures an assessment of the current situation in Liberia relative to the global MDGs/targets; translates the global MDGs/targets into national targets; and during that process, builds national capacity in assessing, monitoring and reporting on the MDGs/targets.


  • For over a decade, while the civil war was raging in Liberia, transparency and accountability in the public sector were compromised.
  • In the wake of national crisis, the economy is estimated to have declined by some 2% annually; while unemployment in the formal sector is estimated at 85% nationwide.
  • The country has a free enterprise oriented economy, although some businesses are effective monopolies. Agriculture (excluding forestry) accounted for 58% of GDP in 2003; forestry and logging accounted for 24.9%; manufacturing industry 4.6%; mining 0.08%; and tertiary services 15.8%.

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