Women as candidates in elections

09 Aug 2018


The research study on women’s participation as candidates in elections from 2005-2015 was commissioned by the National Elections Commission in 2016 to establish a base line data on the status of women and men as candidates in the elections conducted between 2005 and 2015 and in elected offices.  


  • There is sufficient evidence to support the assertion that women have potentials, which can be tapped to meaningfully enhance social, economic and political development of nations.
  • The level of women’s representation in national legislatures or executives in any given country is predicated on a wide range of factors.
  • Despite considerable progress over the last decade to promote meaningful participation of women in Liberia’s political and electoral affairs, the nagging gap in gender politics persists.
  • Women are not a homogeneous group. Therefore, differences among women, based on class, socio-economic status ethnicity, cultural background and education should be considered in promoting women for contested positions in various parts of the country

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