Governance and

Public Institutions

Ongoing projects

Support to Elections

This project is implemented by UNDP and is funded by a joint basket fund supported by our partners, the European Union and Sweden.  

Addressing Pre-trial Detention in Liberia

The project is aimed at strengthening the Rule of Law in Liberia by helping to address Pre-Trial Detention and Rolling Out Community Policing-confidence in the justice and security institutions with a…  

Cross Border Cooperation Between Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia

The project is intended to foster social cohesion, promote peaceful co-existence amongst contiguous border communities and help to bring about improved bilateral cooperation and border stabilization…  

Support to Transparency, Accountability, Oversight and Participation

STAOP aims to support strengthening governance and promoting transparency and accountability.The Government of Liberia has prioritized promoting transparent and accountable governance in its national…  

Strengthening The Rule of law

The Project aims to ensure that justice and security policies and systems are in place to deliver effective and timely services to citizens in line with Liberia’s international and national…  

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