The Global Team

Andrew Bovarnick is the Global Head of the Green Commodities Programme, in charge of overseeing the programme's implementation. Andrew is also UNDP’s Lead Natural Resource Economist, guiding UNDP programmes on economic and market based approaches to global environmental problems. Andrew was charged with establishing GCP in 2009 and has since built up the team and programme.  Andrew leads the programme with his global team and continues to develop new strategic initiatives and partnerships for GCP. Andrew is also a regular speaker at international conferences. Prior to joining UNDP, Andrew was a Senior Economic Consultant with Environmental Management Resources, a global consultancy working on a broad range of natural resource management and policy projects funded by international donor agencies and multinationals. 

Leif Pedersen is a Senior Commodities Advisor for GCP. He develops and oversees project implementation, as well as provides expertise on agricultural commodities to all country offices. Until 2012, Leif was a Senior Manager at the Rainforest Alliance with responsibility for its Sustainable Coffee Programme. Prior to this he worked for seven years with UNDP as an Environmental Programme Officer in El Salvador and as member of UNDP’s Global Environment Facility team, managing a portfolio of biodiversity conservation and land degradation projects in Mesoamerica and the Caribbean.  

Nicolas Petit is a Senior Commodities Advisor currently focusing on Ivory Coast, Ghana, Liberia and Papua New Guinea. Nicolas has 20 years’ experience working on sustainable agricultural commodities, rural livelihoods and rural labour markets. He has worked for the European Commission, the UN and various NGOs. In his last position, Nicolas was the Director of Standards and Assurance for the Better Cotton Initiative, a multi-stakeholder initiative focusing on the promotion of more sustainable production practices in this sector.


Charles O'Malley is GCP'Senior Partnerships Advisor. Charles has 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur, consultant and change agent addressing a diverse range of social and environmental challenges. Recently he has been running a peer network for leaders and pioneers of change. Prior, as Head of Europe at AccountAbility, he was involved in advising large global companies on developing and deepening their corporate responsibility, sustainability and stakeholder engagement work. Earlier, he spent a decade working in accountancy, corporate finance and venture capital.

Caroline Petersen is a Senior Strategic Initiatives Advisor with both GCP and the UNDP-Global Environmental Finance Unit. For GCP, Caroline leads the development of new strategic initiatives with a variety of partners to strengthen sustainable commodity production supported by UNDP, particularly to reduce deforestation from commodity supply chains, including palm oil, soybeans, beef and cocoa. Caroline brings a wealth of expertise and experience gained during 15 years as a sustainable development professional at national and international levels. Prior to her current role, Caroline was UNDP’s Principal Technical Adviser on Ecosystems and Biodiversity. Caroline has an MSc (Econ) from the London School of Economics.

Lise Melvin is the Senior Platform Advisor at GCP, focusing on best practices for National Commodity Platforms and capacity building for platform practitioners. Before 2013, Lise served as the Chief Executive of the successful Better Cotton Initiative for seven years. She successfully developed strategies and global programmes to deliver a sustainable commodity supply chain in the cotton sector. She has over 14 years of experience working with NGOs, private sector and Governments on commodities, agriculture, sustainable development, supply chains and learning consultancy. 

Pascal Fabié is GCP's Senior Adviser for Learning and Impact. Pascal has more than 20 years international experience in sustainable development with multinationals, the public sector, and NGOs working on environment, governance and education, focusing on organizational learning, accountability, strategic planning and transparency. Before joining GCP, he was on the management team of Transparency International, leading cross-regional learning, programme accountability, and capacity development, supporting a network of 100+ independent national entities.


Colleen McNally-Murphy is GCP's Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist. Prior to joining GCP, Colleen worked with the UNDP Global Environment Facility's Results-Based Management unit for several years. There she managed the global portfolio of tracking tools as well as ensuring compliance and quality assurance related to reporting requirements. Prior to this, Colleen worked for a variety of international and non-profit organisations and served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali. Colleen is from California, USA.



Kifah Sasa Marín is the  Sustainable Development and Resilience  Programme Officer at UNDP, Costa Rica, and as a GCP Senior Programme Advisor, he provides technical expertise to all National Commodity Platforms. Kifah has over 15 years of professional experience as an international expert on sustainable development and natural resource management. He is a specialist on marine conservation, ethnobiology, tropical medicine and rural development. He was also a finalist of the Young Conservationist Award of IUCN. 


Pascale Bonzom, is the Global Project Manager for the Good Growth Partnership, with a focus on Indonesia, Brazil, Liberia and Paraguay.  She has experience within UNDP and on supply chains, having worked with UNDP on agriculture value chain and private sector development and engagement issues for over 13 years.  Previously, Pascale worked for five years as a business consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, in London and New York. She has an engineering degree in Chemistry from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Toulouse, and a PhD in Chemistry from the School of Pharmacy, University College London.

Lisa Hiller is GCP's Senior Communications Advisor, in charge of the programme’s external communication as well as supporting national project communications. Lisa started her career as a journalist in Australia before joining UNDP working in Sri Lanka, Timor Leste, Bangladesh and Nepal. Since 2007, she has worked as a communications consultant and writer for a range organisations. In 2011, she co-founded a multi-media production company, which specialises in the global aid and development sector. Lisa has qualifications in strategic communications management, professional writing and journalism. 

Rebecca Lake manages communications for the Good Growth Partnership, an initiative that is led by the Green Commodities Programme. After gaining a degree in media and politics, Rebecca began her career as a journalist in Australia and Indonesia before joining the UNDP in 2015 where she focused on communications and stakeholder engagement for the Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative. Rebecca previously consulted on projects for WWF, WRI, the RSPO and a number of advertising agencies throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


Jose Chung is GCP´s Programme Administrator, responsible for providing operational support to the programme and country projects. His background in Finance and Economics has allowed him to work in Panama with the government, private sector and NGOs, and as a Consultant and Project Officer for the UN system. Prior to joining GCP, he was Project Co-Coordinator and Director of Finance for CAI Global.



Vanessa Briceño is GCP´s Administrative and Finance Assistant. She has extensive experience in the areas of administration, procurement, finance and management. Prior to working with GCP, Vanessa worked in the private sector for different multinationals, including, for example, Philip Morris International, Citibank and Amadeus IT Group.



Aleksandra Atallah is GCP´s Programme Support Consultant, focusing on internal communications, work planning processes, and supporting with the development of strategic initiatives and private sector engagement. Prior to joining UNDP, Aleksandra worked for Transparency International (TI) in Germany for 5 years. During her time there, she ensured efficient and smooth-running operations for Senior Managers and coordinated internal communication and knowledge sharing across regional, programme and fundraising departments. In addition, Aleksandra was responsible for the effective participation of TI’s national offices in global programme activities and coordinated internal programme reviews. 


Aline de Silva is GCP’s Programme Management and Communications support consultant. She mainly focuses on the communication and coordination of the Good Growth Partnership. Prior to joining GCP, Aline worked with the UNDP Equator Initiative on the organization of the Equator Prize 2017, an award recognizing local communities and indigenous peoples’ nature-based solutions for sustainable development, and supported the selection process of the 2017 winners. Aline has also worked in the not-for profit sector, including with the Sustainable Business Network and the Living Future Institute of Australia. She holds a Masters degree in International Relations and Sustainable Development from the Political Science Schools of Rennes and Bordeaux (France). 


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