Brochure: Collective Action for Cocoa Sustainability

12 Oct 2016

Rethinking the way our world produces agricultural commodities, including Cocoa, is central to slowing deforestation, climate change and reducing poverty.

While companies, governments and other stakeholders are making important investments in this area, there is an increasing awareness that no single group can meet this complex challenge alone. The UNDP Green Commodities Programme (GCP) helps in three key ways:

We facilitate National Commodity Platforms.
These enable di erent players to come together and build a shared agenda for action. These platforms are led by government, driven
by participants and enabled by GCP and its partners.

Through National Commodity Platforms, stakeholders are able to address the underlying barriers to sustainability and devise clear public policies; legal frameworks; clarity around land-

use planning; e ective ways of enforcing laws; nance; and support that allows farmers to improve their production techniques.

We establish partnerships between the public and private sector.
Working with companies such as Mondelez International, we pilot ways of integrating support to farmers across entire sectors.

We link national REDD+ processes with cocoa sectors.
Working with cocoa organizations, REDD donors and Ministries of Forestry, we strengthen REDD+ strategies with cocoa sector needs and stakeholders and bene t the cocoa sector by directing REDD funding and technical assistance to cocoa production. 


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